When we sat down to brainstorm who to invite as a speaker/mentor/teacher for The Family Narrative Australia, we knew that in addition to kick-ass photographers, we wanted to find people who represented a range of business models, target markets, experience levels, and teaching styles. We pulled together an amazing mixed bouquet of people who are different in so many ways - who they are, where they live, who they sleep with (or don’t sleep with), what they look like, etc. - but are all super-enthusiastic about this project and the prospect of creating real and meaningful change in the family photography world. Their strengths range widely and each will undoubtedly bring a new perspective to the group. We cannot wait to see this community come together!



Amy is a family lifestyle photographer and educator based in Melbourne, Australia. She specialisesin teaching and photographing love stories for appreciators of the unconventional under the Life:Unmade banner.  For Amy, Life: Unmade is so much more than a way of shooting. It is a way of living! Amy salutes the mess of life; the weird and wonderful human connections, and the beautifullychaotic and different. She loves working with those who are brave enough to just be themselves, and not feel like they need to project an image of perfection to the world. At home, Amy is Mama to one and coparent to two beautiful babes, and is happily strolling through life with her bearded love. Amy runs workshops throughout Australia and is an avid traveller of the world for both work and play.



Courtney Holmes is an American born Sydney-sider who utilizes a documentary approach to create beautiful, emotional films and photos for families. At the age of 21 she met and married the love of her life who swept her off her feet and brought her to live in Australia where she's loved living ever since. Together they have had two young children who are her muses and the reason why she became passionate about documenting family life. Courtney draws on 18+ years of experience as a musician and storyteller to create a nostalgic experience for her clients in her work through the use of carefully hand selected music and thoughtful, intentional movement. Her work has been described as soulful, earthy, honest, and life-filled. As an experienced music teacher, Courtney was drawn to mentoring students on the art of creating films and is incredibly passionate about teaching her approach to filmmaking for photographers around the world. It is her dream that more and more families will have this legacy to leave to their children and grandchildren.



Jess believes in the power of a well timed dad joke, caffeine, dancing in the kitchen, women’s intuition, connection, creativity, and that this wild ride of being a human is something to be celebrated in all it's cupcakes and rotten eggs.

She is a qualified  teacher and life coach and has been photographing families for over ten years. Drawn to the impact of emotive portraits and each family’s unique story, Jess has spent many years being mentored by Jesh De Rox, who has created a philosophy and technique of drawing out the pure authentic nature of those we photograph  - and she now embeds this into her work and creative coaching.

Jess’ photography is a window into the wonder of the life affirming, perfectly imperfect connections we share with the people we love. Her work- and her presence - has been described as vibrant, joyful and organic. 



Lauren Phillips is the bones behind Love Her Wild Photography. A little business born from both love and despair. Growing up, she would watch her Mother, an exhibited black and white Photographer, creating projects and spending hours developing art in her darkroom. It wasn't until the age of 29 that by a crazy twist of fate, she started a Photography business. One drawn to the nostalgic and inspired by the raw, she strives to tell the story of her clients by digging deeper into who they are. Having worked for some of Australia’s leading children’s brands, she's has also had the pleasure of teaching and capturing across the globe. Based in the hills of Byron Bay with her daughter (her muse) and her main man, it's the simple little life treasures that float this gal's boat the most.



Rebecca is a multifaceted birth unicorn who rides on rainbows to the mystical land of cervixes to document women’s badass journeys as they bring their babies into the world.

Space maker. Map reader. Labyrinth walker.

Rebecca is an LA-based, award-winning Photographer, Filmmaker and Doula who believes deeply in the powerful, transformative nature of birth. Her work, which encapsulates women, birth and motherhood in their rawest forms, has been recognized around the world. Rebecca has spoken at conferences all over the US and has a passion for connecting with and educating photographers.

She is beyond excited to travel to Australia for TFN to share not only her love of documenting births but in celebrating the extraordinary power of women’s bodies.



Some photographers focus on honing a specific aesthetic, attracting a particular kind of client, and laser-focusing their art in one direction. Annemie Tonken is not one of those photographers. Always craving a new challenge, she treats her business like she treats her hair: as an ever-evolving canvas for sharing her personality and trying out new ideas. She's made a living as a professional family photographer in Chapel Hill, NC for close to a decade, but has never turned down interesting photo work of any sort; she's also written articles for magazines, run huge fundraisers, taught classes, and (best of all!) co-founded The Family Narrative. How does she do all of that while juggling single parenthood, an ambitious travel schedule, and a reasonably active personal life? By being obsessed with efficiency in her business, which she firmly believes can be a learned skill. If you haven't heard of her, she won't be offended (or surprised), but if you're looking to make your business run like a well-oiled machine or problem-solve a piece of your workflow that is constantly tripping you up, you'll definitely want to meet her. (And when you do, a word to the wise: her name is pronounced like the -onomy in autonomy or taxonomy.)



Wandering a circuitous path to becoming a photographer, Kate Thompson ultimately discovered - after a decade with a photography side-hustle - that hard work, dedication to a craft, and saying yes to things can suddenly transform into a thriving photo business, Over the last 6 years operating as Betty Clicker Photography, she has photographed primarily weddings and families, but a growing amount commercial and editorial work that has caught the eye of The New York Times, Garden & Gun, Travel + Leisure, and Thomas Keller's Finesse Magazine. She is simultaneously messy and controlled and feels pulled to the art that exists in genuine interactions without excessive styling or direction. When she's not working, you can find Kate cooking, tending to her bees, snuggling with her baby, Helen, or collaborating on design-related projects with her sister on her other business, Palindrome Creative Co.



Born in Staten Island, NY, and raised in Portland, Oregon, Posy Quarterman is what happens when art meets hustle. She has been photographing people since her grandmother gave her a polaroid camera for Christmas at the age of 10. After art school in NYC, she returned to Portland (despite hating the rain), and turned that passion into a thriving family photography business. Not many photographers find harmony in the space where business and art collide, but Posy is not most photographers. There is show and there is substance. If "authentic" has become nothing more than an internet buzzword, then Posy wants to reclaim it. She is not interested in fanfare or bullshit. She is interested in people, teaching, dancing, good coffee, and ultimately, telling people's stories with truth and heart.  In addition to photography, her clients, and her newfound love of teaching, Posy enjoys her husband, her firecracker of a 10 year old daughter, the Oregon Coast, dangly earrings, a good puttanesca, and being referred to as a magician.