2019 Schedule


Monday March 11th:


3:30 Welcome gathering (hotel suite #807)

4:00 Photo Scavenger Hunt

5:30-7:30 Opening Night Social sponsored by Millers & Shoot Proof  (Jack Rose) and Nick North How to Talk Like a Girl AND Get What You Want

Tuesday March 12th:

Eiffel Society

8:00 am Welcome & Morning Announcements
8:15am-9:45am Elena Blair How to Thrive as a Family Photographer

9:45-11:45 am: Commercial Panel Part 1 moderated by Nick North Kahran Bethencourt Getting Commercial Clientele the Grassroots WayNicki Sebastian Transitioning to Commercial and Editorial Photography (Without Losing Your Soul)

12-2:30 - Lunch Break

2:30 - Super Fun Giveaway (must be present!)

2:35-3:30 Annemie Tonken Unicorns and horses and donkeys, oh my! Creating a business that feeds your soul AND your family.

3:30-4:15 Small Group Breakout

4:15 Fine Art Prints from Pic-Time & Musea

4:30-6:00  Jenny Jimenez Consider Yourself at Home; Attracting and Connecting with Your Clients, Online and In-person

9:00 Optional Socializing: Hot Tin Roof (bar at top of Pontchartrain)

Wednesday March 13th:

Eiffel Society

8:00 Morning Announcements

8:15-9:45 am   Felicia Chang Changing the Narrative with Documentary Photographs: Why are documentary photographs necessary for representing family life?

9:45-10:30 Posy Quarterman Workflow Secret Sauce

10:30-12:00: Lauren Wright Evoking Motherhood: Honest & Intimate Imagery

12:00-2:30 Lunch

2:30 Kickass Giveaway (must be present!)

2:35 pm- 4:30 pm: Commercial Panel Part 2 Moderated by Jenny Jimenez
Kahran Bethencourt Niche Marketing: Identifying Your Tribe and Standing Out from the Crowd
Nicki Sebastian Assembling Your Dream Team
Nick North You’re Hiding the Best Parts

4:30-5:50 Xanthe Berkeley Preserve Your Memories Through Time Capsule Films

5:50 V. important announcements regarding locations for Thursday morning

7:30 - Mosquito Supper Club (for those who signed up/prepaid)

Thursday March 14th:


7:30 Optional: Video Walk with Xanthe / Dive Deeper into Documentary with Felicia

9-11am: Rotating Sessions (Nicki, Kahran, Elena, Lauren)

11-1pm: Portfolio/Website Reviews

1:10 Meet outside of hotel to walk to Central City BBQ (1201 S Rampart St) for lunch sponsored by Pixellu

2:30pm- Closing & Goodbyes