We could come up with a thousand reasons why you should join us for The Family Narrative retreat, but maybe you should take it from some people who already have...

When I first heard about The Family Narrative, the reason it was put together, and the lineup of speakers I knew I needed to be there. This weekend closed so many gaps for me: the empty spaces just aren’t there anymore and the trailing thoughts have turned into statements that end with periods instead of question marks. My brain is on fire with purpose and direction; being allowed the time to think and connect and question has given me a clarity that I’ve needed but haven’t had in a long time. I’ve got things figured out and there is work ahead, but the road looks very different now than it did before I attended. Thank you for knowing (even without knowing us!) that there were people out there like me who really needed this.
— Merritt James, NOLA 2017
To put it simply, I am forever changed. There are few words I can say to express my experience at TFN. I will go back as often as I can. I am forever grateful to Annemie, Posy, Meghan + Kate. If you are thinking of attending, no matter where you are in your career, GO! you will not regret it.
— Becca Olcott, NOLA 2017
Wow! Just Wow! I can’t stop thinking about the people I meet, the things I did, the images I made, the heart to heart talks that were had and the life long friendships I have made. It’s amazing to know that there are so many of us out there that need that one, two or three person’s in our life that live in another state to help you realize you are one amazing bad ass bitch of a photographer and person! I will be back!
— Paige Stevens, NOLA 2017
The Family Narrative is more than a workshop where you learn tips and tricks. It is an intimate experience. You will connect with your peers, explore your craft, and be pushed to focus on the why behind your work. You will laugh. You may cry. You will leave with a new supportive community, and a renewed sense of purpose.
— Lara Agnew, NOLA 2017
In my entire adult life, I’ve never had the opportunity to be and explore and learn and grow and share in the way that I did at TFN - as an artist, a mother, a woman, or a human. I’ve never walked away from something feeling so inspired or connected or encouraged - within myself from my own spirit or to so many other phenomenal humans either. I would encourage anyone - who is ready to show up and be open and vulnerable and present about their work and their struggles and their craving to make and find beauty in this calling - to apply and attend. Will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. 
— Krystyn Miller, NOLA 2017
I have been looking for years for a workshop or retreat that focused on the family photographer. TFN’s mission was to create a space for family photographers to connect and get inspired. Mission accomplished! The weekend was filled with inspiring women...teachers and attendees alike. The activities and talks were so well choreographed with just enough room for spontaneous connection and reflection. I came home feeling the momentum from the weekend building and carrying me through the last few weeks. I learned so many great tools to apply to my business. But most of all, I now have a strong and supportive community that I can reach out to.
— Orit Harpaz, NOLA 2017
Overall, an AMAZING experience! I don’t know how you did it, honestly. It’s like magic happened. I went thinking I could make some “photography contacts”, but everyone was just so great! I came away with amazing new heart-friends after only three days together. I can’t imagine anything more valuable than that. Thank you for connecting us all and for mixing these magic ingredients together! Can’t wait to go to the next one!
— Jill Carmel, NOLA 2017
The Family Narrative was more than I hoped it would be. It was a wonderful weekend of talented professionals brought together in a safe space to share, inspire, connect and celebrate their craft. (god, this sounds corny...i’m sorry, no good at reviews but basically it was an awesome weekend thoughtfully and lovingly put together to create a safe space for family photographers to share, inspire and connect with each other (with the benefit of amazing food and a spectacular location).
— Libby Lewis, NOLA 2017
The Family Narrative was truly a magical weekend. I knew I was going to be the least experienced person coming in. I’m not going to lie, I felt quite intimidated and unsure of what to expect. TFN boss ladies brought together an amazingly curated weekend of both instructors and attendees that far exceeded my expectations. I not only gained knowledge, but I gained so much more that I didn’t even know I was looking for: a community, confidence and an ability to dig deeper than I ever have before. I love love loved The Family Narrative, and I’m looking forward to it for many years to come!
— Omayah Atassi, NOLA 2017
I really have no words for how good the weekend was. I feel a greater sense of purpose and intention in my photography work than I’ve ever felt in my life. I learned from the most creative, badass, soul bearing group of women I’ve ever known and quite honestly am a changed person. The experience was so much deeper and meatier than I ever anticipated, and the number of personal projects and dreams/goals for my business swirling in my head right now is insane. Best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.
— Jaclyn Morgan, NOLA 2017
What can I say about TFN? I came to the retreat excited, scared, and nervous. I left IN LOVE. In love with not just with what was said, but what was felt. There is no doubt in my mind that so many of us showed up not knowing how dry and empty we had become in our craft, in our hearts, and in our souls. But somehow, amongst all the learning and living, we were filled up again...not just with a love for what we were doing, but with what we were seeking. And in the end, as I sit here in the early morning hours writing these fleeting thoughts down, I am, so ever fucking grateful, that I had this chance to just BE me –and be seen and heard and felt. My heart is FULL. And I love your beautiful souls. XOXO
— Rebecca Coursey, Teacher NOLA 2017
Omg go. You will not only grow as a photographer and run a better business, but you’ll leave a having grown as a human. You can’t really put a price on that.
— Lori Allen, NOLA 2017
The TFN experience was a unique & extremely valuable workshop. I learned that telling my story is as important as telling others’, that I’m actually not-that-different than I thought, and most notably, I learned what it’s like to belong to a photo community for the first time ever.
— Amelia Armstrong, NOLA 2017
Attending the Family Narrative retreat was literally the best fucking thing I have ever done for myself. It was SUCH a beautiful weekend full of learning. Learning about myself, about the direction I want for building my business, about practical things for my business, and about how many badass photographers I can now call friends and colleagues. I cannot thank you four enough!!!!!!!
— Liz Celeste, NOLA 2017
This weekend I was surrounded by so many incredibly uplifting and inspirational women. Each of us - teachers AND attendees - speaking our truths. The emotions, the space to feel accepted and heard and loved and free - given to us. Thank you to the Boss Babes of The Family Narrative - you queens wanted to accomplish a very specific, unique, magical thing, and you 200 fucking percent did that thing. We are all reeling from this unbelievable experience. We, speakers and attendees, have all left this retreat with so much love, inspiration, intention, and with a sisterhood of like-minded women who simply get it. We, from all walks of life, have connected on so many beautiful and complex levels, so thank you to Meghan, Annemie, Posy, and Kate for fostering such a beautiful creative family. This weekend has been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and it has been such an HONOR to share my heart and soul.
— Cheyenne Gil, Teacher NOLA 2017