Annemie, Kate, Posy, and Meghan came together at a photography conference in early 2016 and connected over a mutual love of community and education. The Family Narrative was an idea born out of wanting to inspire other family photographers, create community, and to learn ourselves after being in the industry for quite some time. Strangely, that seemed like a tough combination to find, but sometimes if you want something new and interesting, you just have to create it yourself.

 Photo from TFN 2017 by attendee  Kristyn Miller

Photo from TFN 2017 by attendee Kristyn Miller


Born in Staten Island, NY, and raised in Portland, Oregon, Posy Quarterman is what happens when art meets hustle. She has been photographing people since her grandmother gave her a polaroid camera for Christmas at the age of 10. After art school in NYC, she returned to Portland (despite hating the rain), and turned that passion into a thriving Family Photography business. Not many photographers find harmony in the space where business and art collide, but Posy is not most photographers. Her drive and the incredible depth of her photography brought her to the attention of The Define School in 2014, when she began teaching classes and private workshops on one of the less discussed aspects of professional photography-- how to drive a Family Photography business without sacrificing art or vision. In addition to photography, her clients, and her newfound love of teaching, Posy enjoys her husband, her firecracker of a 9 year old daughter, the Oregon Coast, dangly earrings, Hot Tamales, and being mistaken for Katy Perry. 

After wading knee-deep into the waters of several other careers, Annemie Tonken dove head-first into the photography pool in 2006 and hasn’t stopped swimming since. In a very short period of time, her intuitive eye for visual storytelling and keen business sensibilities helped her grow Megapixie Photography from nothing more than an idea into a thriving child and family portrait photography studio. Along the way, she’s taught workshops to both novice and established photographers, had work published in national magazines, and spoken in front of thousands at WPPI. In the few minutes left over every week, you’ll find Annemie herding her two boys around Chapel Hill, NC, running down a long country road, or laughing over cocktails with her nearest and dearest.


Wandering a circuitous path to becoming a photographer, Kate Thompson quickly discovered that making photographs and sharing visual stories is her happy place. She feels pulled to the art that exists in genuine interactions without excessive styling or direction, and strives to show the beauty of minimalism, simplicity, and human expression. Her priority is to listen and let personalities guide her portraiture. She loves to visually describe the realness of people, quirks and all. Kate tirelessly searches for ways to create soulful images with attention to atmosphere, composition, and design. In the last five years that Kate has been in business, her work has caught the eye of Travel + Leisure, The Scout Guide, Southern Living Magazine, The Local Palate, Into Quarterly, Richmond Magazine, Ledbury Shirts, Catalyst Wedding Magazine, Eater, The Scout Guide Equestrian, Thomas Keller's Finesse Magazine. Kate runs her business Betty Clicker Photography out of Richmond, Virginia. Calm is Kate’s superpower.  

A lifelong fan of beauty and light, Meghan McSweeney was drawn to the craft at the early age of nine only to have that love firmly cemented when she received her first SLR for her sixteenth birthday. Her love of photography continues all of these years later because of her desire to capture moments and the connections that lie within them. Meghan went about learning the trade of photography through traditional means. A stint with high school yearbook led to classes at a local art school along with assisting with Richmond, Virginia architecture photographer.  Soon after, Meghan attended the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. After college, Meghan happily accepted an internship with renowned photographer, Mary Ellen Mark and upon completion, made her way back to Virginia to start her business in 2002. Constantly seeking opportunities for growth, Meghan is a perpetual student of photography, people and in life. In her “spare” time as a single mother and business owner, Meghan seek adventures with her kids, attempts a meditation practice and teaches her slightly neurotic rescue dog some new tricks.

Together we have created an educational experience to help your businesses and your community grow for your entire career. 

The Family Narrative New Orleans 2018 will be held March 12-15, 2018. We're happy to say that we're sold out for the second year in a row, and applications are therefore closed. 

The Family Narrative Australia 2018 will be held August 7-10, 2018. Applications open the morning of March 17th, 2018.